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            about db walton

            D. Brent Walton will be going in to a medical retirement/disability mode at the end of this year.  Our accountant has advised dissolving the LLC, and while his art work will still be available online (http://www.FineArtbyDB.com),  photography will no longer be a viable income source due to the nature of his illness.

            Brent has been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (MG), which is an autoimmune disease where an individual's body produces antibodies that attack their own muscles.  Hence, the translation of its name - Serious Muscle Weakness.  Often misdiagnosed as ALS, one can understand the seriousness of its symptoms.  However, unlike ALS, MG patients often are able to find ways to control the progress of the disease through a medication specific to MG.

            Brent appreciates all the wonderful clients he has worked with over the last 18 years.  His passion for photography still burns strong.  You can say the spirit is willing, but the flesh, in this case, as very weak.

            One last note:  The web site will be changing.  Starting in 2019, it will no longer be photography by db walton llc.  It will simply be, D. Brent Walton, photographer, artist.  There will be three main divisions:  photographic portraits, FineArtbyDB website, and painted portraits as a gallery of his work.  The website will be dedicated to his work from the past.  As previously mentioned, his www.FineArtbyDB.com ImageKind store will remain operating (it's actually operated by ImageKind.)

            Brent's credentials include:  Certified Professional Photographer, Craftsman Photographer, PPA CPP Liaison, Accredited -NYS, Qualified -NYS, Artisan -NYS

            Located in Palmyra, New York, Wayne County.

            Here is some advise if you are looking for a photographer...

            When Comparing…

            When comparing photographs, please ask if they provide the following:

            Fully insured – liability (letter of insurance available when required by certain venues) – this protects YOU, the client, if they are negligent and cause injury or damage to property while working for you

            Fully covered- indemnity – malpractice “insurance" (in this case, we are part of the worlds largest indemnity trust for professional photographers

            Incorporated in New York State

            New York State Certificate of Authority (authorization to collect sales tax, which is required on ALL photographic services and products in New York

            Member in good standing with the following professional organizations:

            Professional Photographers of America(PPA),

            Professional Photographic Society of New York State (PPSNYS),

            Finger Lakes Professional Photographers(FLPP), and

            Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce

            Professional Photographer Magazine featured our studio in the March 2013 issue (pp 55-56). You can also see Brent's work in The Friend Magazine starting with the January 2013 issue. (To see more of db walton's work, visit www.dbwalton.com )


            His style has been described as delicate, romantic and seductive. He sets his clients at ease, and is able to CAPTURE BEAUTY in all of his subjects. In addition to photographing people, Brent also publishes a line of postcards and prints. They are available at local hotel gift shops and in bookstores in Palmyra. Prints can be ordered from www.FineArtbyDB.com .

            *solicitors: Please do not call us. You are on notice that we do not want to be contacted by you by phone, text or e-mail. All solicitation calls are reported to the FTC as unsolicited commercial e-mail. See our terms page, item 12, before contacting us.

            photography by db walton, db walton – CAPTURING BEAUTY, Fine Art by DB, Palmyra Photographic Workshops are trademarks/service marks belonging to db walton. All images on this site are copyright 2019 D. Brent Walton – all rights reserved.

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