Learning and It's Application

August 20, 2019

I wonder how many times a student has asked, "When will I ever use this in real life?"

I'm of the persuasion that ALL knowledge is good (so long as it is based on truth).  And, I'm not talking about the knowledge of what Billy did the other night walking through the alley.  I'm talking about knowledge of the languages, arts and sciences.

In college I took every mathematics course available.  While I used some of that in my career it has given me an understanding of how God can have all knowledge.  And, mathematically speaking, calculus proves to me there is a God.  There is no way mathematics would be so explanatory in its links to life without their being a Supreme Creator.

3D Art

In my crippled state (for lack of better terms) I've been wondering how some of my newly found knowledge about 3D art applies to the big picture.  It hit me this morning as I was researching a feature of the software I use to create my 3D art.  This feature requires a knowledge of how muscles and tissues interact with each other as well as gravity and the viewer.

This got me thinking of the intricacies of our bodies.

Is this all happenstance?

I think not.

The fact that you can't move some parts of the body without affecting other parts of the body illustrates the intricacies involved.  So, when creating a 3D character, I simply can't lean the figure over by bending it at the waist.  Other things start to happen to a real human when they bend at the waist.  The skin and muscles in the back stretch.  The tissue in the belly compresses and as it does, folds take place in the tissues.  The upper body is impacted by gravitational pull.  The tissues of the chest and face are pulled in the direction of gravity.  It's all very complicated.


Movement complicates things.  When someone bends at the waist they simply don't bend, the body shifts to maintain balance.  A center of gravity is necessary to keep the person from falling on their face.

In art, if these things are not observed, things don't look real.  As someone commented on this picture (below), the man looks like a mannequin.  I agree.

Perhaps it is the man in me, but I've studied the female figure more than I have the male figure.  While some rules apply to both, it is obvious I need to work on the male figure and its movements.

Knowledge Applied

I imagine this knowledge applied, in a greater amount of detail, applies to our individual creation.  To make each one of us unique, but allow the same laws of movement and physics to apply must take great knowledge.  We say that God is omniscient (meaning He has ALL knowledge) and it is up to us to gain as much of that knowledge as we can.

Joseph Smith, Junior, revealed, "Whatever principle of intelligence we attain in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection."

Today it may be a way to feel fulfilled, sometime in the future the things we learn now will apply to what we do in the eternities.

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