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Two Classes

Earlier we announced the 25 Things workshop scheduled for November 1st, 2012.  We are happy to announce there will be two workshops that day.  The first, as announced, from 1pm to 5pm.  The second will be from 6pm to 10pm. … Continue reading

Business Plan Writing Service

When you go in to business, you don’t just announce, “I’m in business!” Doing such is an invitation to frustration and failure, and in some case, fines and/or jail if you don’t do things correctly. Before you go in to … Continue reading

Using Those QR Tags

You’ve probably seen them on print ads.  They are those little squares with black and white squares inside.  They look like this… They were never meant to be web content.  The purpose of a QR codes is that you print it, … Continue reading

Announcing: Half-Day Workshop

We are happy to announce a half-day workshop for business owners.  This half-day workshop will get you started on eliminating wasted time and correcting things that can hurt your business. Here are the details: What:  25 Things Business Owners Do to … Continue reading

Conversation Overheard

Two business owners were talking.  The one said he was barely getting by.  He said he was getting just enough traffic to pay the rent, and some months, he was falling short. The other business owner gave him some suggestions … Continue reading

One of Those Things

Imagine how disappointed my wife was when she went to a URL to discover it wasn’t a web page, but a Facebook page.  As a non-Facebook user, this was a point of frustration. One of those things business owners do … Continue reading

New Presentation

Those looking for a presentation for your business meeting, I am now offering “25 Things Businesses Do To Undermine Their Business”. In this, you will learn of 25 things you might be doing that hurts your business. The presentation is … Continue reading