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We Really Screw Things Up

I am sure that once I get this all ironed out with T-Mobile, switch to T-Mobile, and cancel my AT&T account that I am going to get a phone call from the AT&T “churn” department asking for me to come back and offering me some great deal that is too good to pass up. Continue reading

10 Seconds

Ready, set, GO! Here’s the challenge, tell someone about your business. Time yourself. How long did it take? If it took over 10 seconds, chances are you said too much because you didn’t know what to say.  You should answer … Continue reading

Fads and Business

Social Media is a fad, but a valid marketing tool. Don’t get fooled in to believing Facebook, Google Circles, Pinterest, or any other will last. Case in point – What’s MySpace doing now days? Continue reading

How to Pick a Domain Name

If you are in business and you do not have a web presence, I would ask, “How do new clients find you?” Here are a few rules before you spend money on a domain name: 1)  Avoid a lawsuit and … Continue reading