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Business Cards

Likewise, when people connect emotionally to you, and you give them something to remind them of that connection, they will return. Continue reading

Stuck in the Middle

I will be calling T-Mobile again today. It will be an escalation call. That is, I keep asking for the person’s boss until I get someone who will take the bull by the horns and resolve the problem. Continue reading

Networking Groups

I have been members of various networking and professional groups throughout  my life — IEEE, ACM, PPA, NCPP, GRPP, PPSNYS, NAPP, FSEA, and more.  Mostly, I have been involved with professional groups.  These groups help foster and promote growth in … Continue reading

Do You Speak My Language

If you own a business, you owe it to yourself to make your customers happy. Whether in print or vocally, your customers need to understand you. If they do not, they will leave, and you don’t want that. Continue reading

Great Presentation by John Huegel, Photographer

I strongly recommend his presentation to ANY business owner – not just photographers. Continue reading

Understanding Insurance

Here’s a great read for business owners. http://www.insurancenewsletters.com/clients/view_fullart.php?art_id=43571&nl_id=19014&list_id=&customart=n  

A Call for a New Style of Advertising

Many forms of advertising are ineffective for the small business owner.  Advertising is expensive and in many cases, it is like the snake oil sold from the back of a horse-drawn wagon traveling through town. My photography studio has taken … Continue reading

Local Economies

Spend money. Even if it is just a $1 purchased locally for a bottle of water, or a postcard (shameless plug), you will be helping keep that vacation spot alive.
Continue reading