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Politics, Economics and Business

With the political heat in this country, it is important to realize there is a relationship to how your business operates (and how successful it is), the economy, and politics.  If I remembered anything from my graduate level economics class … Continue reading

Business Plans

Writing a business plan is no small task. For some, it can seem overwhelming. You may not even know where to start. Not everyone has a MBA degree or the wherewith to know what to put in a business plan. Continue reading

What to Know About Going in to Business

There are a lot of people who go in to business without doing their homework.  Perhaps reading this can save you some time. First, think of going in to business like learning how to swim.  You can take lessons, you … Continue reading

Cause and Effect

What we got: We gave those jobs to foreign companies employing non-U.S. Citizens. Continue reading

Reap What You Sow

So many mom-and-pop shops give better service. Continue reading

How To Be The Best

It is not about your product or store location. It is about service. Continue reading