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Setting the Hook

I’m not a fisherman. In fact, I don’t even like fishing, but I do know this… When a fisherman feels a nibble, there is a technique they use to set the hook. Some fish can eat all the bait and … Continue reading

What to Avoid

I heard a comment today. It went like this, “I lost money on that job.”

Many of us when we first started in business took jobs like that. We get so anxious to do business we lose sight of the fact that if we lose money, we can’t stay in business very long. Continue reading

Listening to the Customer

I subscribed to an on-line service. It was nice, but every time they would make a change, it seemed to be for the worse. As customers would complain, the company would post on their blog justification for their changes. The tone of the justification was, “We know what’s best – customer’s don’t.” Continue reading

The Draft Copy

25 Things Business Owners Do
to Undermine Their Own Business
and how to avoid and correct them Continue reading

Free Advice Isn’t Free

I was on a LinkedIn group and someone was asking for “advice” on a business subject.  I’m sure they see LinkedIn as “free advice”.  Facebook is the same, people see it as a place to get “free advice”.  I’ve got … Continue reading

Consumer Education

I received a request for a quote for a job. It was 90 miles away, and the client said her budget was $200. I replied that I cannot do the job. “Why?”, she asked. I had to explain that during … Continue reading

You Will Get More Business Than Your Competitors

The best bang for my buck has been investing money in people-connections. Join a local networking referral group. Tell one new person everyday about your studio – clerk at the grocery store, waitress at a restaurant, family in the park, etc. Have a 60-second “commercial” about what makes you different and present that with every face-to-face contact you make and you’ll find you will get more work than any $650 investment can ever bring. Continue reading

What Lately?

A lot of small business owners should evaluate their clients and ask, “What have you done for me lately?” Continue reading