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A Failure to Listen

The little survey I started maxed out on Survey Monkey, and so here are the results from 100 respondents. I hope someone from Adobe is reading this. Continue reading

The Book Status

As part of the edit, I’m having someone else read the entire book to me. I highly recommend this tactic if you ever write a book. I’m enjoying it so much, that I think I might have it recorded and made available as an audio book. But, don’t let that stop you from buying the book. The book has exercises in it and places to write. So, even if you do buy the audio book, it will be most effective if you also get the hard copy book too. Continue reading

Photographer Survey 1

Conclusion: It is surprising that so many “professional” photographers do not carry business liability insurance – about 1/3. Only 50% are PPA members participating in the PPA Indemnity Trust. Finally, my personal analysis of what it takes to be in business as a photographer has resulted in break-even amounts near the average. My conclusion here is that those who think their break-even is less may not fully understand the cost-of-doing business, or how to calculate their break-even point. This may be something the Professional Photographers of America should pursue in regards to educational programs. Continue reading

So, You Want to be Your Own Boss?

Many people go in to business for themselves to be their own boss. Frankly, I think that’s the wrong reason. What’s the right reason? Because you want to do what you love doing. That in itself is not enough reason. … Continue reading