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Help Starting Your Business Plan

S.C.O.R.E. has a great business plan template.  Visit their site to download it: http://www.score.org/resources/score-business-plan-template   Once written, I strongly advise you hire a business consultant to review it.

Human Nature

It is human nature to do more when more is at stake.  People grow the most when under pressure.  I love the scene in Apollo 13 where they are told to fix the ventilation system and given a strict time … Continue reading

How Much Should I Charge?

Your cost of doing business should drive what you charge – not the other way around.
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Social Media Impact on the Bad

The other day, someone posted on Facebook a short description of how rude they were treated by a local eatery.  My thought was, “Does this owner realize that word travels quickly on the Internet?” They used to say a dissatisfied … Continue reading

What’s Your Goal?

Do you ever wonder about search engine optimization or utilizing social media? There’s a lot of hype out there about getting hits for your web page or Facebook page, but seriously, what is your goal? Is your goal to get … Continue reading