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Location Cubed

Location Cubed Location, Location, Location (or location cubed) is what they say about real estate.  This greatly applies to brick-n-mortar stores (and that includes restaurants and other retail-like establishments.)  Yet, so many new business forget to do their research when … Continue reading

Increase Your On-Line Circle

Increase Your On-Line Circle Increase your on-line circle of influence through sharing.  I’m sure you do business with other businesses.  Connect with them on-line and encourage them to connect with you. It’s rather simple, but it does require you to … Continue reading

Two Examples We Can Learn From

Two Examples We Can Learn From Here are two examples we can learn from.  I recently received customer satisfaction surveys from two companies.  The result in both cases are exemplary. The first was from B&H Photo in NYC.  I placed … Continue reading

How to Price Everything

How to Price Everything This entry is written to all the photographers out there who might ask, “What should I charge for an 8×10?” or, “What is the going rate for head shots?” When you ask questions like this, the … Continue reading