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Bad Example Fodder

Bad Example Fodder

First, let me start by thanking many Facebook users for providing me with bad example fodder.  I have found if I look on Facebook I can find many bad examples when it comes to business practices.

Here’s an example.  I won’t use any names or details so not to embarrass those involved.

A person posted a picture and it mentioned a business.  I was curious, so I searched Facebook for that business.  Nothing.

I next went to Google and I entered the name as it appeared in the photo.  I came up with a business by that name, but it wasn’t the business as displayed in the photo on Facebook.

About to give up, I decided to give it one more try.  This time, my search showed a link to a Facebook page.  Ironically, he had to list his business under an alteration of the name because that name was already taken.  (That should have been a hint not to name your business with that name.)

On their Facebook page there was a link to their official website.  Ah, you see where this is going, don’t you?  That’s right, “Page not found”.

What can we take away from this example?

  1. If you’re going to run a business, choose a name that nobody else has.  You want to stand out.  You also want to avoid any lawsuits.
  2. Have a website.
  3. Name your Facebook page with your business name or trademark or something unique.
  4. Get listed on the search engines and if you do not understand SEO, hire someone who REALLY does.  (Note, SEO is a HUGE scam opportunity.  If someone claims they know SEO, search google and see what comes up.  For example, enter this in Google, “photographer palmyra ny”.  As you can see, I’m starting to understand SEO.
  5. He should have read my book before getting started.  (A shameless plug.  I know.)

About the Author

D. Brent Walton is the author of 25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business.  He is also the owner of photography by db walton llc and the Beckwith Mansion and Estate.

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Author, artist and photographer D. Brent Walton has some down-to-earth, common-sense tips for improving your business. After a career of 32 years in high-tech, he has moved on to running his own businesses. His book, 25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business is available at Amazon.com.
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