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Millennials Missed

Millennials Missed

Millennials missed the mark when it comes to owning their own businesses.  Recent studies show they have let technology define them, and while they expect on-line customer service options, in their own business they fail to deliver customer service at the face-to-face counter.

One of the many articles I’ve read on the subject says they place emphasis on social media marketing. They forget that the customer experience extends beyond Facebook, Instagram and other on-line services.  Too much time developing social media lures, and too little time spent satisfying customers needs.

Here’s a real-life example:

A group hired a millennial start up to do their web site.  They promised a responsive website (one that can sense a computer versus a smart phone), SEO compliance with Google’s white hat rules, and more.  What was delivered didn’t match the customer’s expectations.

The group contact the web developers many times.   The requests for fixing the problems went largely unanswered.  One answer suggested it wasn’t their fault, but the customer’s fault for keeping their site hosting service.  They wanted the customer on their choice of providers.  Before long, the customer hired someone to re-write their web site.


The impact is arrogance is bad customer service.  All these young men (millennials) had to do is tell the customer, “Yes, you’re right.  We need to fix this,” and then fix it.  Instead, an attitude of, “We’re smarter and know what we’re doing,” was exhibited.  While they may very well know what they are doing when it comes to certain aspects of web development, their customer service skills lacked.


Expectations of millennial as customers is high.  They demand a high level of service.  On the other hand, they neglect to see the Baby Boomers grew up on face-to-face business interactions.  These people born post WWII through the 1960s expect more than a company with a lot of “Likes” on Facebook.

Many Baby Boomers have embraced computers, tablets and smart phone technology.  They will “Google” a business.  But, millennials shouldn’t expect them to visit, like and follow your Facebook page.  That’s for the millennial generation, not theirs.

These Baby Boomers often have millennial children, some in to their 30s, still living at home.  They own homes, have good credit, and savings.  They are spending money on services because age is slowing them down in some cases.  While they will die off in the coming decades, today they carry the economy.

Don’t Forget Them

So, millennials, don’t forget them (the Baby Boomers).  Don’t be among your millennial friends who think marketing is all about social medial.  Many millennials missed the mark by not offering face-to-face, quality customer service.  Don’t be one of them.

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