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B2B Vendors Know

B2B Vendors Know

In my profession as a professional photographer I see some photographers elevated to celebrity status.  B2B vendors know the truth as illustrated by a discussion had with one business-to-business (B2B) vendor.

What He Said

The conversation was regarding a specific photographer’s presentation at a tradeshow.  I commented that they always gave the same presentation and their sponsor must appreciate their plugging their products.  I had the tone of frustration in my voice.

The B2B owner sensing my frustration commented, “I see it from a different angle.”

Questioning what he meant he clarified his comment.  He said, “I see their bounced checks, their declined credit cards, and their 60-days past due on net-30 invoices.”

Wow!  I didn’t expect that!

His comments directed me to a new discovery.  As a result of his comments I learned that hype doesn’t equate to success.

A couple of years ago this came further to light.  While recovering from a major accident I noticed the same “celebrity” photographers weren’t spending their time with clients.  They were spending time gathering attention.  Because they were spending time gathering attention, I wondered when they do portrait sessions.

Don’t Let Them Get You Down

Don’t let them (the celebrities in your field) get you down.  Comparing yourself with others is a dangerous road.  Don’t let jealousy cloud your vision of success.

Recently I heard good advice in this area.  It went like this, “Don’t compare yourself to others.  Compare where you are today to where you were in the past.”


If you’re not bouncing checks, your credit cards aren’t max’d out, and you pay your vendors on time, then you’re doing okay.   When you look at the quality of your work today and it is better than what it was a year ago, you’re doing okay.

Mark my word, in 5 or 10 years, many of them will have lost their celebrity status, but you’ll still be marching forward.  You need not be frustrated because they are getting attention.  You have the admiration and respect of your clients.  That’s what counts.


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Author, artist and photographer D. Brent Walton has some down-to-earth, common-sense tips for improving your business. After a career of 32 years in high-tech, he has moved on to running his own businesses. His book, 25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business is available at Amazon.com.
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