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db walton – CAPTURING BUSINESS(tm) is a product of photography by db walton llc. 

D. Brent Walton owns a successful photography studio, lecturer, commercial property owner and is former co-owner of Tomorrow’s Systems Integrators (a computer consulting company), and inventor.

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Walton is author of the book titled 25 Things Business Owners Do to Undermine Their Business (and how to avoid and correct them).  The book is available here (click here). It is a manual of how to avoid common pitfalls and could mean the difference between going broke or making it work.

He believes the answer to our current economic woes is to pull business in to the community and get back to community roots.  For that reason, he works with individuals in small towns and helps them get their business off the ground.

“I recall meeting with a so-called business consultant back in the late 1980s.  A friend and I had a great idea.  After having dinner with the consultant, at our expense, he asked both of us to sign over the deeds to our homes before he would go any further,” Walton says.  “I wasn’t about to do that.  I decided then that business can be built on a shoestring and a prayer.”

Our fees are simple.  Use us when you need us, or keep us retained for on-going help.  We are here to help you succeed.

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photography by db walton llc is in business to improve business’ and individual’s image through the following products:

  • db walton – CAPTURING BEAUTY® — captures the beauty in people through photographic and painted portraiture
  • db walton – CAPTURING BUSINESS(tm) — improves businesses through education and quality business images as well as instructional materials
  • Fine Art by DB(tm) — provides beautiful images for the home, office or business of landscapes and scenery
  • Palmyra Photographic Workshops(tm) — provides photographers with the confidence they need to create beautiful images
  • LensCandy® — royalty free images for artists and photographers

The above mentioned products are trademarks belonging to photography by db walton llc

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