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A Failure to Respond

I wonder how many businesses realize they can lose business by simply not responding to a comment or question.    These two examples I give demonstrate serious issues with the management at both companies.  Don’t fall in to this trap.  Please read the examples and see if you agree.

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Millennials Missed

Millennials missed the mark when it comes to owning their own businesses. Recent studies show they have let technology define them, and while they expect on-line customer service options, in their own business they fail to deliver customer service at the face-to-face counter.

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Two Examples We Can Learn From

Two Examples We Can Learn From Here are two examples we can learn from.  I recently received customer satisfaction surveys from two companies.  The result in both cases are exemplary. The first was from B&H Photo in NYC.  I placed … Continue reading

Web Site Pet Peeves

Web Site Pet Peeves Here are some web site pet peeves.  This are things that will get your potential customers to leave your web site, and possibly not do business with you. Being hit with music, talking or audio from … Continue reading

Store Management

Store Management Store management is the make-or-break of a retail business. I entered a store the other day and there was only one employee, and she was helping the person at the cash register.  This nation-wide retail chain store of … Continue reading

Monitoring the Web

Monitoring the Web I am impressed with companies who monitor the web (Internet).  These companies understand that the Internet is an important marketing tool.  Here are a few examples: A comment was made in a blog about a broken dryer … Continue reading

Website Tip #1

Website Tip #1 I’ve decided to start posting some web site tips.  Since learning some of these, the response to my desired results has increased. So, where goes…  Website Tip #1 Identify the desired result from visiting your website.  For … Continue reading

Number 1 Item

What Number 1 Item? What is the number 1 item (and you can post your answer to this entry, however, posts will not appear until they are moderated) that a business must have? Make your answer generic to all businesses. … Continue reading

A Resolution That Works

When a new year rolls around, people begin thinking of starting anew.  For that reason, they set new goals, resolutions. Why not get some help and work on those things that will help increase your business? Start by ordering 25 … Continue reading

Increase Your Income!

Often times people are reluctant to purchase self-help books.  I think it is human nature that we shy away from things that point out weaknesses even though we may become stronger as a result. When I hear people complain that … Continue reading