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A Failure to Respond

I wonder how many businesses realize they can lose business by simply not responding to a comment or question.    These two examples I give demonstrate serious issues with the management at both companies.  Don’t fall in to this trap.  Please read the examples and see if you agree.

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B2B Vendors Know

In my profession as a professional photographer I see some photographers elevated to celebrity status.  B2B vendors know the truth as illustrated by a discussion had with one business-to-business (B2B) vendor.

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Five Things I Don’t Regret

After reading a list of regrets older people have, I thought I’d list five things in business that I don’t regret. These are five things that are simple, easy to implement, and can make your a success.

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Local Taxes

I often speak to the business owners when I write. This time, I’m speaking to the consumers. And while some of this is specific to where I live, it also applies to other parts of the world.

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Millennials Missed

Millennials missed the mark when it comes to owning their own businesses. Recent studies show they have let technology define them, and while they expect on-line customer service options, in their own business they fail to deliver customer service at the face-to-face counter.

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Bad Example Fodder

First, let me start by thanking many Facebook users for providing me with bad example fodder. I have found if I look on Facebook I can find many bad examples when it comes to business practices.
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Dealing with Telemarketers

Are you tired of dealing with telemarketers?

The “Do Not Call Registry” was supposed to do away with unwanted, unsolicited callers, but we all know it was a dismal failure. Continue reading

Faster Than That

Faster Than That This business went out of business faster than THAT!  Yes, back in June of last year I wrote about the importance of location.  (See Location Cubed)  This was because of a business going in to a bad … Continue reading

Where Rent Money Goes

Where Rent Money Goes Many people own investment or rental properties and have to deal with renters/leasors.  Renters may wonder where rent money goes.  When a rent increase comes, it is usually met with resistance.  But, if the renter really … Continue reading

Giving It Away

Giving It Away It is easy to claim success when you give it away.  I used to be guilty of this.  You fall in to the trap that if people will take something for free they will later pay you … Continue reading