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Millennials Missed

Millennials missed the mark when it comes to owning their own businesses. Recent studies show they have let technology define them, and while they expect on-line customer service options, in their own business they fail to deliver customer service at the face-to-face counter.

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Monitoring the Web

Monitoring the Web I am impressed with companies who monitor the web (Internet).  These companies understand that the Internet is an important marketing tool.  Here are a few examples: A comment was made in a blog about a broken dryer … Continue reading

Social Media Impact on the Bad

The other day, someone posted on Facebook a short description of how rude they were treated by a local eatery.  My thought was, “Does this owner realize that word travels quickly on the Internet?” They used to say a dissatisfied … Continue reading

Listening to the Customer

I subscribed to an on-line service. It was nice, but every time they would make a change, it seemed to be for the worse. As customers would complain, the company would post on their blog justification for their changes. The tone of the justification was, “We know what’s best – customer’s don’t.” Continue reading