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Dealing with Telemarketers

Are you tired of dealing with telemarketers?

The “Do Not Call Registry” was supposed to do away with unwanted, unsolicited callers, but we all know it was a dismal failure. Continue reading

What’s Your Goal?

Do you ever wonder about search engine optimization or utilizing social media? There’s a lot of hype out there about getting hits for your web page or Facebook page, but seriously, what is your goal? Is your goal to get … Continue reading

More About SEO Companies

Thus, having a top listing across the entire U.S.A. for search results may not be worth the time, money and effort. Continue reading

Beware of SEO Scams

So, beware. SEO is the biggest and latest scam for small businesses. Continue reading

Great Presentation by John Huegel, Photographer

I strongly recommend his presentation to ANY business owner – not just photographers. Continue reading