Better Than Watching TV

I call this gallery Better Than Watching TV because when I first got sick, I was watching a lot of TV.  Too much TV isn't good.  Having a condition where exercise is detrimental, and brain-fog stands in the way of doing anything that requires concentration, I turned to art.

The brain-fog (cognitive dysfunction) makes it hard to do anything that requires attention to detail (including typing this text).  I figure, if I screw up with art one can chalk it up to artistic flare.  It's also very relaxing AND it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  There were days when I first got sick that I felt quite depressed because I was feeling like I wasn't accomplishing anything.  

So, I started doing art on my computer.  I rigged up a chair, computer monitor, and keyboard holder in such a way that it requires minimal exertion on my muscles.  Because there is no pressure to meet a deadline, I can take my time and just create what I want.  Some times I might get something presentable in a few days, other times I might only be able to work in it a few minutes at a time over several days, weeks or months.  When I complete something it gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  

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